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29 April 2009 - It's been two years now since the Spiritual Emergency that lead me to create this website. I've written down the whole story of that time and you can read that here.
I've also created a simple Cabala (or Kabbala) Calculator which is a wee tool to convert words into numbers using the notation A=1, B=2, C=3, etc.
6 February 2009 - I haven't written much recently...things seem to have quietened down a bit, lower energy, not so much drive or direction. My spiritual world and my normal world seem to have integrated themselves. What is not spiritual? Everything is spiritual. Read more here.
1 July 2008 - The meditation group I'm part of takes turns at being "leader" and something I find very distracting about this role is having to check my watch to ring chimes at various times. To solve this, I've recorded a number of chimes for various lengths of meditation practices which can be downloaded (for free!) via the meditation chimes link above.
8 April 2008 - A palindromic date. Haven't written much for a while - mainly been focusing on turning up for work and looking after my family. Coming up for a year anniversary since I went thorugh that wacky time. Not sure how I feel about it all now, it was so out of line with everything else in my life up until that point. Not sure if I'm still looking for anything or not. Feel a bit like Socrates - I know nothing. I wonder if there is anything to know? Oh and sorry but I've had to take the Comments functionality off-line, it was being totally abused by spammers. If I can get a reliable Turing test worked out (no luck yet), then I'll restore it.
11 October 2007 - Comment functionality should now be available on every page. Please let me know if you have any problems with it. Oh, and I'm thinking about getting a tattoo. Something geometric, perhaps a circular mandala... Free "There is no Spoon" T-Shirt to the best suggestion! Email tattoo@iamthespoon.org.
30 June 2007 - Two days of alternate realities followed by a week in hospital. "Interesting Experience" doesn't even begin to cover it.
28 June 2007 - Have just purchased the iamthespoon.org domain. Funny how urgent it seemed at the time, like I had to press submit quickly in case someone else was thinking about the same idea. Basic plan is to have somewhere to put my writing where there's a chance that someone will read it. I thought about trying to get it published for a while, but it's just too varied - I can't work out what my target audience is.
29 April 2007 - 2001 A Space Odyssey met Douglas Adams on the London Underground.
The Yin/Yang Symbol


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